About me

Well, I'm just a techie in my early thirties, I work as an Infrastrucutre Systems Engineer and Developer for an ISP and amuse myself by riding Mountain Bikes, 4x4ing, playing with anything computer related and generally having an unhealthy knowledge of things that would bore you at a party.

If you feel the urge to contact me for any reason you can use the email link in the navigation to the left of the page.

All the photos in the galleries were taken with a 6mp Panasonic DMC LS60 compact and have been treated to minimal (if any) Photoshop before being uploaded. I'm still learning how to use it properly so some shots are a little experimental but so far they're coming out OK!

About the site

The non-technical bits

Well this is the 3rd or 4th incarnation of Rabidwombat now but the aim is still the same, a place on the web for me to share my photos, and occasionally some random ramblings in my Blog (which I really don't update as often as I should!).

The Photos section is where you'll find the main content of the site and there you'll find my favourite pics from various outings. All the pictures are scaled down for better viewing on the web but they're all available as a full quality download in the links at the bottom of the picture frame, so if you fancy one as a wallpaper just click to download the higher resolution copies.

The technical bits

Well there's not a huge amount to say really, the whole site was written in a text editor to keep it simple, I write complex stuff at work, I don't want to be doing it at home!

The site is written and tested locally on a PPC Mac and I use a mix of Text Wrangler, Photoshop CS3, CocoathumbX and various browsers to create, test and update the site. It is currently served from a Datacentre in the UK although I am looking for alternative hosting at the moment.

The site is 100% valid HTML and CSS so should display properly in most browsers although IE6 rendering is total madness, so if you're still using it then you won't get the full benefit of the fixed menu and png shadows. (upgrade or download a proper browser!)